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Detail of services

We are setup to do outfitting for unguided hunts that will include tents cots, chairs, stoves and cook gear for main camps. We can also put together a menu with meals for 1,2,3,or 4 hunters for each day for the main camp. We can also outfit spike camp  that includes light weight tents, stoves,and food items for 1,2,3 and 4 hunters for each day of the hunt.

Unguided outfitted pricing

Prices on outfitting will be based on a case by case because of the multiple variables involved. An  average price will be $28.00 per person per day for field food which will include, 1-freeze dried main meal, 1-dry cereal breakfast ( just add water), trail mix and candy bar lunch and drink mix for canteen.

Client will provide any fresh food required for the hunt 

Coolers for fresh food transport - $ 1 per day.


Main camp

Large dry bags - $1 per day

Folding table- $5 per day

Folding cooler $1 per day

single mantle lantern ( propane) $1 per day

2 man main camp tent (Alaska bomb shelter)- $25 per day

 Army cot -$10 per day

Camp chair large- $2 per day

Extra tarp- $ 1 per day

Spike camp

Small dry bag - $1 per day

Battery lantern -$ 1 per day

Sleeping pad- $2 per day

Small chairs-$ 2 per day

2 man Spike camp tent-$20 per day

Main camp cook stove- $5 per day

Spike camp cook stove - $2 per day

Cook utensils main camp - $5 per day

Spike camp utensils- $2 per day

Snow shoes for spring bear hunts- $10 per day

Transportation services

Airtaxi  and boat drop off services can be arranged for hunters coming to Alaska. 

Taxidermy services

Taxidermy services can be setup for mounting of trophy or prep and sending of trophies  to known services out of state. 

Camp Gear pictures

Coming soon

State license and tag fees

Non resident license fees and tag fees

Small  game hunting- $20

Big game hunting- $85

Tag Fee

Black Bear-$225

Brown / Grizzly- $500

Bison- $ 450

Caribou-$ 325

Dall Sheep-$425




Mountain goat-$300