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Fully Guided Brown Bear Hunts with Master Guide Darrell Lindgren

We hunt out of tent camps in Kodiak Islands bear country. Main camp is set up with cots and chairs with about 5 days of mainly fresh food items. Spike camps will be set up using 2 and 3 man tents and using mainly freeze dried foods.

Hunt duration and client gear lists

These hunts are 15 full day guided hunts. It is the responsibility of the hunter to be in good physical shape to share the work of getting the hunt camp packed into the hunt area and set up along with the spike camps that will be set up as the hunt warrants. 

A hunter gear list will be sent to each hunter. This list will be items that will be recommended by the guide that will include clothing, foot gear, optics, rifle and ammo. It will also include a list of things not to bring and a weight limit of all items for the hunt. Weight is everything if we are getting dropped off by airplane. 

Added Hunt options:

Deer hunts can be added on a case by case basis during the fall bear season.

Hunt Prices:

Hunt cost: Bear hunts are 10,500.00 per hunter.

Bear, Deer combo hunts will run 12,000.00 

This covers only the cost of the hunt once the client gets to the camp area. 

Airfare in and out of the hunt area and all personal gear for the hunt is the responsibility of the hunter.


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